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indiana-map-outreachWELCOME !

The IDOE Outreach Department of School Improvement is excited about the summer book study series.  The purpose of this book study is to continue the partnership and dialogue between Outreach Coordinators and administrators around the state.  This process will allow for direct and creative ways for us to read, reflect, and discuss topics in education around the state that both Coordinators and administrators have identified as areas where more knowledge is needed and wanted.  Our hope is that  administrators will in turn share what they have learned from the book study with their staff. A 4 week timeline will be followed with assigned chapters to be completed each week with discussion questions posted on a blog from Coordinators for all to tackle.  A much smarter person once said, “The sum of us is much smarter than the one of us.”  We believe the book study will prove this statement true and help increase all of our knowledge bases and fill our buckets in an array of areas.


Staff Directory

Name Position Email Phone
Baker, Heather Outreach Coordinator – Region 3 hbaker@doe.in.gov (317) 518-4577
Brown, Teresa Assistant Superintendent of Outreach tabrown@doe.in.gov (317) 232-0524
Bundridge, Daniel Outreach Coordinator – Region 6 dbundridge@doe.in.gov (317) 518-4280
Dercach, Lisa Outreach Coordinator – Region 7 ldercach@doe.in.gov (317) 518-1361
McCarty, Kathy Outreach Coordinator – Region 4 kmccarty@doe.in.gov (317) 518-7942
McKinley, Dianne Outreach Coordinator – Region 5 dmckinley@doe.in.gov (317) 460-8304
Randolph, Linda Outreach Coordinator – Region 6 lrandolph@doe.in.gov (317) 518-8541
Reeves, Rebecca Outreach Coordinator – Region 2 rreeves@doe.in.gov (317) 518-8834
Robinson, Leroy Director of Outreach lrobinson@doe.in.gov (317) 234-5663
Thieme, Doug Outreach Coordinator – Region 8 dthieme@doe.in.gov (317) 518-2571
Yates, Debbie Outreach Coordinator – Region 9 dyates@doe.in.gov (317) 518-5364
Yates, Kara Outreach Coordinator – Region 1 kyates@doe.in.gov (317) 518-3828
York, Karen Outreach Coordinator – Region 1 kyork@doe.in.gov (317) 518-4288


Comments made on this site represent participants’ own views and opinions, not those of DOE. 


  1. Hi! My name is Karla Gauger. I am the Assistant Principal at Southwestern Elementary School in Hanover, IN. Look forward to sharing ideas. Love the idea of a book study with peers. Thank you DOE!

  2. Hi! My name is Jennifer O’Brien. I am the principal at Bridgepoint Elementary School in Jeffersonville, IN (Greater Clark County Schools). I am looking forward to having time to read and share ideas! Happy Summer!

    1. I am Ken Goff, principal at Lafayette Christian School and I look forward to reading and sharing about differentiated instruction in the classroom.

      1. I read the preface by Carol Ann Tomlinson’s book – Leading and Managing a differentiated Classroom. I enjoyed reading about her beginnings as a teacher and transformation from a teacher-driven teacher to a student-driven teacher. I especially thought what she wrote on page 18 (division) summarized what should be happening in each classroom today. “I understood at that moment that an effective teach is not someone who just teaches content. He or she is scene who teaches content to human beings, and the classroom has to work in such a way that each individual in it has a legitimate opportunity to grow as much as possible from his or her starting,point.”

  3. Hi! I am Lisa Thomas, principal of East Washington Elementary in Pekin. I am excited to connect with other principals and share our ideas.

  4. My names is Cheryl Ramsey. I am Principal of Beveridge Elementary School. I too am very excited about the book study and being able to share valuable information with my staff. Thank you DOE for this wonderful opportunity. Happy Reading!

  5. Hi! I am Jessica Kaiser, Social Studies Teacher at the Area Career Center University in Hammond. I am looking forward to participating in the book study as well as reading and sharing ideas.

  6. Hello everyone. My Name is Brad Targgart. I am the principal of Wolcott Mills Elementary School, Wolcottville, Indiana. We are part of the Lakeland School Corporation in the northeast corner of the state. I am going to be involved in two of the books this summer. The Purposeful Classroom and Teach Like A Champion. I am looking forward to learning about new ideas and strategies that I can use with my teachers to continue moving our building forward.

  7. Hi, My name is Julie Morse. I am the new Director of CTE District 26 in Anderson. I have been an administrator for the past 8 years with 16 years teaching high school English prior to that. I chose the highly engaged classroom to find ways to support teachers in the CTE area with instructional techniques since many of the instructors in the CTE areas are not trained educators, but directly from the industry they are instructing. I am looking forward to a diverse discussion about ways to make the classroom engaging so our students are immersed in learning!

  8. Good morning. I am Colette Weitknecht, principal of Lafayette Elementary School in Hammond. I am looking forward to gaining ways to support my teaching staff to be the best that they can be by reading, Teach Like a Champion.

  9. Hi there! My name is Wendy Wells, and I am Assistant Principal at Joshua Academy in Evansville, IN. Teach Like a Champion has been on my shelf and I am now going to read it. :-) Looking forward to sharing ideas.

  10. Hello, my name is Mary Beth and I teach fifth grade at Edison Elementary in Hammond. I’m looking forward to learning to learning news ways to reach my students full potential.

  11. Hello! I am a special education autism teacher at Edison Elementary in Hammond, Indiana. I am excited to participate in the book study for Teach Like A Champion. I look forward to great collaboration with colleagues near and far.

  12. I am looking forward to the book study Teach Like A Champion. I hope to share strategies with my staff. I am a principal at a pk to 8th grade school in evansville named Corpus Christi.

  13. Hi, my name is Nancy Johnson and I teach PreSchool Special Education in Hammond Indiana. I am looking forward to this book study. I finally received my book and now I can get started. I am excited to begin this study and discussion with colleagues from all around the state.

  14. Hi, my name is Peggy Thomas. I am the principal at Edgewood Elementary School in Michigan City Indiana. I had to get my daughter set for college so I am getting a late start. I am now ready to join the discussion. It will be so great to have reading buddies.

  15. Hi, I am Mark Kern, principal at Sugar Creek Elementary in the Southern Hancock schools. After 15 years at New Palestine Elementary (same district), I will be working with a new staff. I am hoping that my summer reading with Teach Like A Champion will set the stage for a great year! Already behind, I need to catch up with the bandwagon!

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